Huwebes, Setyembre 13, 2012

September 13, 2012

It was supposed to be a day full of happiness.. 

September 13, 2012 should be the day when the Seoul Central District Court release the final verdict of the 3 year lawsuit between JYJ ans SM Entertainment (SME). It was supposedly on July 19, 2012 but due to some differences between both parties, the court decided to delay the verdict on August 10, 2012. 

 August 10 arrived and the court again postponed it. they also release a statement that on September 13, 2012 whether the two parties came up on an agreement or not they (court) will release its FINAL verdict.

 Early morning of September 13, 2012 with all the anxious fans waiting, a news emerge.

and AGAIN!!! it was postponed!!! HELL!! for how long will SM make JYJ suffer???!!! F HELL!!!

After this news, another Shoot! emerge.


F!!! whats wrong with this???so many negative comments on the picture. Some even asked Kang Hoo to delete the post ( and the poor guy deleted the picture). So whats the F wrong with two guy friends having fun drinking??? 

Early morning with so many negative vibes!!!

 And so I decided to kick my ass out of our couch and text-ed some friends.I met Cee. We ate first and chat about everything. Few minutes passed, Marigin and Emina arrived and we started our otaku conversation. out of nowhere, someone spotted Nouffy (im not sure who spotted her, but 100% sure not me).. we called her name and her reaction was EPIC!! hahahaha!! she give us a laugh! And the usual thing happened when the Gays (that's us) hang out. hahahaha!!!        

hahahaha!!!  and I did this!!
I did this to release my frustrations (Negative vibes morning) . the first time I did this, my highest score was 119 ( i know is so lame, but what can I do, I don't usually punch someone, hahahaha!!) . 
I was shocked when I scored  420 thinking of punching SME, and scored 449 when my punch is for JYJ ( punch of JYJ to SM. hahahaha!!). the  last one, just a JOKE. hahahaha!!! I got my lowest 005. hahahaha!!!
Our trip continue with our laughter. I sincerely thanked the GAYS for that day. Whatever happened Friends can always and will always make you smile. 

For Kang Hoo, please continue to be friends with Jae Joong. He really need his friends.
For JYJ, 
don't lose hope. One day, that day will surely come, there will be Justice. Me and your fans around the world will fight together with you.
For SME, jus
t wait. One day I  will have my evil laugh at your defeated face!!! 

credits:  and cee 

Lunes, Setyembre 10, 2012

kim jae joong

who is kim jae joong???

i remember  when I was in my last year in high school, a friend introduce DBSK akTVXQ to me. 
the person who caught my attention first was HERO aka KIM JAE JOONG .  
who is HERO here? guess. xD
Name: 김재중 / Kim Jae Joong
Also known as: 영웅재중 / Hero Jaejoong (Young Woong Jaejoong)
Japanese name: ジェジュン / Jejung
Chinese name: 英雄在中 / Ying Xiong Zai Zhong
Profession: Singer, actor and composer
Birthdate: 1986-Jan-26
Birthplace: Gongju, Chungnam, South Korea
Height: 180cm
Weight: 63kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Blood type: O
Talent agency: C-JeS Entertainment

from this 

 to this

and now........

new in this kind of things....kekeke

let me introduce myself first. 
me in vk 
i am Mary Gail Delena. 
a nurse by profession.

i like animes, cosplaying, manga, kpop, kdrama .......

and Kim Jae Joong. hehehehe..
who wouldn't like him??? <3
during his 2012 drama dr jin <3
that is all for now.. hehehehe.. 
saranghamnida <3